Dr. Dolan's Guide to Quick Pain Relief

Dr. Victor Dolan

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The Miracle of Chiropractic is based on a common sense concept so simple it makes you wonder why all your doctors don't use it:

Chiropractors look at the human body as a whole.

One misaligned joint can cause your entire body to malfunction--causing inflammation, pressure on nerves and a wide variety of subsequent health challenges.

Chiropractic Looks at the Whole Body to End Back Pain

That is why your first session with a chiropractor will involve an assessment of posture, mobility of joints and lifestyle choices. Your chiropractor has a variety of quick and easy tests which help him to determine the state of your health and what methods he should use to resolve any health issues you may have. As he will want to examine the mobility in your joints, your chiropractor will ask you to bend at the waist, sit and stand, raise your legs, rotate your arms and rotate your neck. In addition, he will test your reflexes, take your blood pressure and possibly give you an X-ray or two to build a complete and detailed picture of your overall health as it relates to any specific complaints from which you may be suffering.

Spinal Subluxation Can Cause Back Pain

A Subluxation is an incomplete or partial dislocation of a joint or organ. The World Health Organization considers a Subluxation to be a “significant structural displacement.” A Spinal Subluxation can sometimes impinge on spinal nerve roots causing symptoms in the areas served by those roots.

Chiropractors know that stress, poor posture, auto accidents and sports injuries can interfere with the smooth functioning of the numerous interacting systems that make up the human organism. For example, pressure on nerves connected to the intestines could be the root cause of some digestive disorders.

Chiropractors treat Vertebral Subluxations and have their own unique and highly effective approach to this health condition. Subluxations are a relatively common problem resulting form the spinal vertebra having lost its proper alignment with one or both of its neighboring vertebra which interferes with the nervous system. Chiropractic remedies Vertebral Subluxations using a special and unique technique called Manipulation.

Chiropractic Manipulation Can End Your Back Pain

Chiropractic Manipulation of the spine at the point where these nerves emerge from the spinal cord through the vertebra could remedy such a disorder.

Chiropractors track down restricted or excessive joint movement, especially in the spine because they believe these problems are the cause of inflammation, swelling and pressure that leads to pain and illness.

Manipulation usually involves a precise movement of a joint to ‘free it up’. The various manipulations often causes a clicking sound at the manipulated joint. The procedure has been shown to be extremely safe. Chiropractic patients may be interested in knowing that the sound is that of joint gases “popping” as they are expelled from where they may be trapped in the membrane surrounding a joint.

Chiropractors Focus on Quick Pain Relief

Chiropractors focus on pain relief for back pain, neck pain and joint pain, but chiropractic has also been demonstrated as effective in the treatment of such health issues as asthma, digestion, spinal disc injuries, headaches, joint pain, posture problems, muscle problems, sciatica and a variety of sports injuries.

There have been various clinical trials of chiropractic reported by the well-respected British Medical Journal which is published by the British Medical Association. The official trials demonstrated that Chiropractic worked better at treating acute back pain than standard treatments offered by medical doctors and other health-care professionals in a hospital out-patient environment.

In fact, today most clinics and community health centers often have Chiropractors on-site complementing the work of medical doctors and other professional health-care providers.

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Filed by Tom Brandon
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