August 23, 2011

The Fast Weight Loss Solution: Alkalize Now with Dr. Donald Hayes and Greens First

Do you have aches and pains?  Do you suffer from fatigue?  Are you overweight?

Dr. Donald Hayes
Dr. Donald Hayes is an author and nutritional expert, and the man behind the Greens First nutritional supplements.  He is the author of such books as SEVEN HABITS OF HEALTHY LIVING and REJUVENATION. Today we will be looking at his new book, ALKALIZE NOW, and exploring how you can use Superfoods to balance your body's pH naturally so that you can increase your stamina and lose weight quickly and safely.

The Standard American Diet is Killing Us

A central message of Dr. Donald Hayes' new book, ALKALIZE NOW--and it is an important message for all Americans--is that our basic food supply is not what you may think it is.  In fact, the Standard American Diet is literally making us sick and tired.  It is giving us cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  It seems that the Standard American Diet is killing us before our time.

Our Doctors Know Better

Dr. Donald Hayes tells us that the nutritional dissolution of the Standard American Diet has happened slowly over time.  Over the last 100 years no one is going to deny the fact that our diets have changed significantly from those of our grandparents.  It is the food system.  In a sense, we are tricked into eating poorly because in our society convenience is held above nutritional excellence.

But our doctors and healthcare providers know better.  Dr. Hayes tells us that all doctors have studied Dr. Arthur Guyton's Textbook of Medical Physiology.  "And right there in black and white," says Dr. Hayes, "Dr.Guyton tells us about the importance of acid/alkaline balance in the body, and the very narrow range in which the fluids of our body must stay--blood particularly--on the pH scale."

The pH by definition is how much hydrogen is actually measured in a fluid.  It is a relative measurement on a scale that goes from zero to fourteen.  Seven, in the middle, is considered neutral.  Zero would be the most acidic, fourteen is the most alkaline.  According to Dr. Guyton, our bodies need to be very close to just a little above pH 7, just a little above neutral.

If Your pH is Off You're Dead

The blood needs to be 7.365.  Dr. Guyton has demonstrated that our blood must hold to a very narrow range from 7.35 to 7.45.  Slightly out of that range and it is very damaging to the body and can even be lethal.

So a little bit below or above and you're dead.  It is just that simple.  And the body's job constantly, throughout the lifetime that we have, is to maintain that pH balance--and it is not easy to do--given our modern American diet.

You can test your body's pH using either saliva or urine.  It is very easy to do with a piece of litmus paper first thing in the morning.  A color chart wheel is available where you can check your reading.  You can get an inexpensive kit to test your pH in any health food store and at Dr. Dolan's online store at

Dr. Hayes says that a person is in good health if they can maintain a 7.2 saliva pH.  If you get down into the lower end of the range to 6 and 5 for very long, it creates a very serious condition we call latent tissue acidosis.  Every drop of one number on the scale is a ten-fold increase or decrease of acidity or alkalinity.

Free Radicals Damage Our Tissues

Alkalize Now
We take antioxidants to neutralize free radicals.  We know that free radicals are bad and they cause damage to the tissues, and in simple form, that's what acid is.  If you have too much acid in the tissues of your body, they stimulate and trigger free radicals.  It is basic chemistry--negatives and positives, electrons and protons--if you have an acidic environment with free radicals attacking the cells, they damage the cell. When it is very acidic, there's also pain.  If you have pain you've got acid--if you have acid you'll have pain.  They go hand in hand.

What happens is these excess acids go into "collector sites," storage areas in the tissues of the body.  The blood must be maintained at more or less a pH of 7.365--but if the number goes higher than that then the challenge for the body is to get rid of that acid, to get it out of the blood.  Since you're continuously eating and drinking acidic-type things--in addition to the fact that other lifestyle factors such as stress and lack of sleep also exacerbate your body's acidic environment--the body says, "What do I do with this excess acid?"

And remember, Dr. Hayes tells us, the body doesn't consider long-term health when there is an immediate life or death threat to the body. The body has one focus:  Just stay alive.  Survival.

Standard American Diet Ruins Your Bones

So the body says, with the goal of surviving one more day, "I'm going to get this acid out of the blood and put it somewhere else."  It will store it in ligaments, muscles and joints.  Then it also takes the alkaline nutrients it needs to neutralize excess acid from the available stores in the body.  It'll take calcium from bones.  It'll take magnesium from muscles.  Your body steals valuable nutrients because it has no choice.

Given this scenario over the long-term, you can see how the Standard American Diet leads to to such conditions as osteoporosis, sarcopenia and osteopenia--the loss of calcium and magnesium in the bones and muscles.


Standard American Diet Makes You Fat

One of the main places the body stores acid--and a lot of people don't realize this--is fat cells.

A fat cell in the body is full of acid waste, and it is very difficult for anyone to lose weight if they don't understand the acid/alkaline imbalance from which they may be suffering.

Get rid of your acid and you lose weight.  It can't be explained more simply than that--but it is not an easy process.  The blood itself needs to be at 7.365 for survival.  If your blood is too acidic, it does not care if you're overweight--it's got to stay alive, so it uses your fat cells for storage.

How to Stop Inflammation

If you are continuously consuming acidic foods--maybe even what you think of as healthy foods--in comes the onslaught of more and more acid.  The body can only dissolve the acid that's in a fat cell by putting it back into the blood and processing it--and it is not about to let some acid in a fat cell go back into the blood when at the same time what you are eating is continuously bringing more acid into your system.

Dr. Donald Hayes says, fortunately, there is an answer to the challenge of how to get rid of your body's excess acid stores.

Greens First
If you start to neutralize the acid in the body, that is if you start to alkalize the body--on a daily basis with a constant and consistent intake of alkaline antioxidants in the form of fruits and vegetables--then the process of re-balancing will start.  Dr. Hayes points out that fruits and vegetables are the only food in nature that are designed to alkalize the body.

How to Achieve Fast Weight Loss

If you start to intake fruits and vegetables on a consistent basis, the body begins the process of detoxifying, of re-balancing itself to a balanced pH and achieving homeostasis--a biochemical electrical balance in the body that, when present, promotes healing.  The body can start to dissolve the acid back into the blood, and then you begin to lose weight.  Dramatic weight loss can occur when you alkalize your body.

In Dr. Hayes' book, ALKALIZE NOW, starting on page nine, there is a 3-Step Process called the Alkalize Now pH Balance Program:

Drink Alkaline  |  Eat Alkaline  |  Move Alkaline

ALKALIZE NOW goes into detail on the proper way to eat and exercise to help you balance your body's pH.

Regarding Step One and fluid intake, Dr. Hayes notes that our bodies are mostly water.  "The body needs a lot of water," he says.

Water is pH 7--so it is neutral.  It is the other things that we're drinking on a daily basis that contribute to our body's acidic imbalance.  It is estimated that Americans are drinking five and a half billion caffeinated drinks, colas, coffees and teas every week--plus don't forget the fifty million pounds of sugar consumed every week--much of it in caffeinated drinks.

Cola comes in at a pH of 2.5.  From water's neutral 7.0 down to cola's acidic 2.5--just a few numbers on a scale don't sound like much of a difference, right?  But what you are going to find is that if you choose a glass of cola over a glass of water on a regular basis, you will have an exponential increase in the amount of acid in your body.

Green Drinks Are Energy Drinks

Dr. Hayes says, if instead of cola you were to drink a green drink made of fruits and vegetables, you would begin to alkalize your body's environment.  Drinking a green drink on a consistent basis, that is at least once daily, would significantly improve your overall long-term health.

How Many Fruits and Vegetable Do Americans Eat?

The federal government has been telling us that we need to eat seven to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day.  The research substantially supports that the only food group that carries alkalinity into our cellular structure in a meaningful way is fruits and vegetables.  How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you think the average American consumes knowing they should eat seven to nine servings?

"They consume less than one," Dr. Hayes notes with concern.  This is the reason why he spent many years formulating an answer to the question of how to get enough quality nutritents back into the American diet so that our bodies can enjoy the good health that homeostasis brings.
Greens First Boost

Dr. Hayes has developed a solution in the form of an alkaline-rich green drink that can be consumed on a daily basis.  He calls it Greens First--and it is a life-saver for most Americans on the Standard American Diet.  A scoop in eight ounces of cold water will provide the antioxidant equivalent of 15 servings of fruits and vegetables.  Pause to think about that for moment and what it can mean for your family's health.

When you take it first thing in the morning, the alkaline content is so high that the body gets an alkaline jump on the day--and it needs it because all night long it's been trying to process the excess acid in your system from the day before.

Superfoods Are Energizing

The 49 different natural ingredients in Greens First are called Superfoods--unbelievably high alkaline electron-rich foods that the body so desperately needs.  It would be difficult to get this much nutrition in a normal meal at home.  "No one goes to the grocery store and buys 49 different fruits and vegetables every day," notes Dr. Hayes.

One major Superfood in Greens First is Chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is what gives plants the green color.  Chlorophyll has magnesium, a very alkaline mineral.  So you want a lot of chlorophyll.  Plus there are many other dark leafy greens and brightly colored fruits and vegetables and numerous micro-nutrients in Greens First--and that is how one scoop is able to provide the antioxidant protection of 15 servings of fruits and vegetables in each drink.  You can find out more about what is in Greens First at

You Don't Have to be a Vegetarian

Dr. Hayes states, "It's not necessary to become a vegetarian to re-balance the health of your system."  All you need to do is increase your intake of alkaline foods by eating the right fruits and vegetables and drink an alkalizing green drink every morning.  You will be well on your way to balancing your pH if you start off your morning with a healthy green drink and follow the easy 3-Step Program detailed in ALKALIZE NOW.

Take on the Good Health Challenge

Dr. Donald Hayes says, "Anyone willing to take on the challenge of correcting the pH balance of their body and getting their health back on track is to be admired."  It involves an overall lifestyle change--a change that is important not only for their own health--but vital for the health of their entire family.

Dr. Hayes tells us the objective is a simple one, "Look to alkalize the body.  It's a matter of scientific fact."  Look to alkalize the body and you'll see substantial health improvements.  It is all about reclaiming your natural balance so that you can reclaim your health.