May 26, 2012

Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan: Why The Shape You Are In Matters

Staying in Shape on South Beach
A couple of years ago, your friendly neighborhood Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan had a young patient I'll call Jake Jones (not his real name).  He was seventeen years old, a football player, and he was big, strong, fit and about as healthy as you could get.  This young athlete had been riding his bicycle when he was struck by an automobile.  He was hit dead on.  Jake bounced onto the hood of the car, and his head went through the car's windshield.  He flipped over the roof of the vehicle, then rolled off the trunk in the rear, finally hitting the pavement.

A Terrible Accident
More about Jake's amazing story in a moment.  But first I want to risk repeating myself about a subject I think is important ...

You all know that your friendly neighborhood Staten Island Chiropractor often talks with his patients about the shape they are in--you know who you are.  Some of you are in great shape, physically fit and healthy, and then there are the 'normal' average Joes and Janes who are often not as fit as they could be.

Under-Active and Over-Medicated

We Staten Islanders tend to be overweight, under-active, fatigued, over-medicated and just plane 'not in good shape'.  When we get an acute injury or illness, it really knocks us for a loop.  Instead of being laid up for a few days, recovery can take weeks or sometimes months.

Our reaction is often:  "I don't understand, I should have gotten over this in a couple of days...."  But the realities of our health situation are pretty obvious.  The shape you are in determines the course of your recovery and even your longevity.

Lacerated Liver and Spleen

You see, it was a very good thing that Jake was in great shape ...

My young patient had a skull fracture, rib fractures, broken arm, broken leg, lacerated liver and spleen and more.  The first miracle was that he survived the accident.  When I saw him in the hospital a couple of day after the accident, Jake had tubes everywhere, traction, bandages--he looked like a mummy in the hospital bed.

A Miracle in the Making
As I said, the first miracle was that he survived the impact.  Pedestrian or Bicyclist versus Vehicle usually ends badly for the human body.  Jake certainly had modern medicine and surgery to thank once he made the hospital and had numerous procedures.

Back From the Dead

The second miracle was Jake's amazing rate of recovery.  Every doctor and nurse in the hospital commented, "Thank goodness he is in such good shape, or he would not have survived."

Jake Jones was out of the hospital in just a couple of weeks--in a cast and bandaged up--but home.  As soon as possible--and faster than expected--his bandages were off, casts were off and he was into rehab--sooner then anyone expected.

Then his rehab went much better and faster than anyone could have predicted.

Cigarette Smoking

Throughout his treatment and rehab all the healthcare professionals commented on how well and how quickly Jake progressed.  Now remember, Jake was in excellent shape.  He was not a fat, fifty-ish, cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, diabetic, asthmatic--the 'average' American.  If that average American was struck by a car in a similar manner--it is highly likely that he would have died at the scene.  But Jake survived and ultimately thrived because of the shape he was in.  He was in good health.

Back on Track
The shape he was in allowed him to live and recover.  He was an athlete who did not smoke or drink.  Jake was not overweight or on multiple meds for various maladies.  The shape Jake was in saved his life.

Jake missed a month of school but completed High School on time.  He went on to college and eventually played football there as well.

Do you think your could survive a sudden traumatic accident or injury or illness? 

Prevention does pay off.  Being healthy and fit pays big dividends in your daily life everyday and when the unexpected happens.

Live Life to the Fullest

Hey, your friendly neighborhood Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan can't put it too delicately:  Get off your butt.  Get in shape.  Live life to the fullest.  One important thing you can do is get to your local Doctor of Chiropractic for preventive healthcare.  Your friendly neighborhood Staten Island Chiropractor is here to help get you get in the best shape of your life.