January 25, 2011

Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan Gets Pain Relief With Cold Laser Therapy

Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan says, "I use Cold Laser Therapy in my office in Staten Island every day. I believe in it that much." 

Pain Caused By Auto Accidents

It is a great new procedure with several advantages over typical physical therapies used in the past to treat back pain, neck pain and joint pain. I find it can be quite effective for those suffering from pain caused by auto accidents or on-the-job accidents. My patients who are athletes get great relief from sports-related injuries using Cold Laser Therapy.

The great news is that studies to date indicate that Cold Laser Therapy has no serious side effects when used properly by a Doctor. It is a non-invasive procedure requiring no surgical incision. There is no recovery time after a treatment and you do not have to take any medications relating to Cold Laser Therapy, a fact my patients love. 

No Surgery or Drugs

Cold Laser Therapy is one of my more powerful tools among a variety of treatment modalities that I use in my office to provide pain relief and pain reduction for my patients, particularly those seeking a treatment that does not involve surgery or drugs. And it works nicely when used alone or in combination with other therapies. 

Cold Laser Therapy--another powerful tool in the battle to relieve pain that Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan thinks you should know about because it just might help solve your pain problems.

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