September 26, 2011

Dr. Earl Mindell's Allergy Bible: Get Rid of Your Allergies Naturally

Do you suffer from tiredness and fatigue? Always get headaches? Don't sleep well at night?

Dr. Earl Mindell
Dr. Earl Mindell is the New York Times best-selling author of THE VITAMIN BIBLE, which has sold 11 million copies and been translated into 34 languages. Today we will be looking at the new edition of his book, Dr. Earl Mindell's ALLERGY BIBLE. Dr. Mindell's book explains how you can get rid of your allergies and reclaim your health--and do it naturally without pharmaceuticals that plague you with side effects.

One hundred years ago, Dr. Earl Mindell tells us, we wouldn't need a book such as Dr. Earl Mindell's ALLERGY BIBLE, because allergies were virtually unknown. In fact, at the beginning of the 20th century, it was still considered a rare condition. But today, it's an exploding health challenge. For example, 30% of adults and 40% of children in the United States have hay fever or seasonal allergies--an allergic reaction to plant pollen--which they suffer every year from March to November. And more seriously, the incidence of asthma--a potentially dangerous lung condition triggered by allergies--has more than doubled since the 1980s.

What are Allergies?

This epidemic of the common allergy is not just about a runny nose. It indicates a health phenomena far more serious for the average American. We have all thrown the word "allergy" around, says Dr. Mindell, and we think we know what it means, but it's really about the immune system malfunctioning on a basic level. Challenges to the immune system can be connected to serious illnesses which can even lead to death.

Dr. Earl Mindell's
Allergy Bible
When our immune system--the first line of defense our body has--becomes overloaded in our polluted modern environment, it can start to cause problems such as allergic reactions to foods and environmental chemicals. Our immune systems can be taxed by many negative factors in our modern environment, overloaded by pharmaceutical drugs and numerous other environmental influences.

Toxins that trigger allergies are everywhere. Our conventionally grown food is treated with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Our processed foods are treated with chemical additives to extend shelf life. Our cattle, pigs and chickens are commonly fed hormones and antibiotics, and the toxins contained in your grocery store meats end up in your fatty tissues, potentially causing numerous health issues. Toxins also enter our bodies through our lungs and skin. We regularly breathe in chemical toxins from our cleaning products and air fresheners. Conventional cosmetics and lotions have dangerous chemicals that are highly toxic that are absorbed through our skin.

Selling You Allergy Drugs is Big Business

Dr. Mindell notes, "The modern medical profession just tells us that if you have an allergy, take a drug. It's big business." Fifty million Americans are allergic to something. Typically what happens if you have an allergy--let's say it could be a common food allergy to peanuts or shellfish or milk or soy products--the first step for most Americans is to go to a physician. The doctor will give them a drug--either an antihistamine or a drug for inflammation--and that can cause all kinds of side effects. In fact, increasing human exposure to yet more pharmaceuticals is not the solution but the problem--it only increases our toxic overload. In addition, the drug might mask some of the symptoms of an allergy temporarily--but when you stop taking the pharmaceutical, the symptoms come back because the underlying cause of the allergic reaction has not been addressed.

A Natural Health Solution

Thankfully, Dr. Mindell has a natural solution to this epidemic of unnatural toxic overload. In Dr. Earl Mindell's THE ALLERGY BIBLE, he teaches the importance of the natural approach to good health. "I really feel very strongly," says Dr. Mindell, "that education about natural approaches to health challenges is the key for most people to turn their health around. Once people learn how to take care of themselves, their health typically improves." Dr. Mindell, as an author and educator, has been doing his best to teach us about the importance of natural approaches to good health for over thirty years--to date he has written over 55 books on health.

There is Danger to Your Immune System in That New Car Smell

Dr. Mindell tells us we really need to become more aware of the un-natural quality of the world we have created in the last couple of generations. There are ten thousand chemicals added to our environment on a yearly basis. If you look at many of our foods, paints and the chemicals we use for our fabrics--they were unknown even ten years ago.  We don't know all the ramifications of these environmental changes yet, but it appears to be causing more allergies.

The indoors is the major source of our allergic reactions--the home and workplace. That is because that is where we spend most of our time. Today, the typical American spends five per cent of their day outside. Our lives are inside where we are subjected to paint, carpeting, draperies and cleaning fluids--all of which can cause problems with allergies.

The Chemical Cornucopia Attacks Your Immune System

Open up underneath the sink--it is a chemical cornucopia. Look at the products that you use to clean your floors, clothes, drains, sinks and bathrooms--the toxic chemical overload is unbelievable. Drapes and carpets are made of plastics and sprayed with special chemicals to retard staining and fire. And paints ... have you ever been in a building that's just been painted? In some buildings, employees are given a few days vacation if a building is being painted because of the health problems that the chemicals in the new paint generate. We're getting all our toys and home supplies from countries where we don't know all the chemicals, such as lead, that are put in the products. Foreign countries do not always follow American health code standards. So the environment we live and work in is conducive to overloading our immune systems and creating our allergic reactions. That new car smell we all love is actually bad for you.

Dr. Mindell recommends that we try to use natural cleaning supplies and buy products made out of natural ingredients and natural fibers when possible.

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The Rich Have More Allergies

It is interesting to note that the wealthy suffer from allergies more than anyone else because they grow up in these idealized, antiseptic environments, plus their lawns have not one living thing on them because they are sprayed with pesticides constantly. There is an interesting theory that is coming to light that being too "clean" is not conducive to being healthy. If a child is overly protected and is not given an opportunity to develop a resistance to bacteria, molds and viruses, they may develop serious health issues in the future. "So I think you have to allow our children to be exposed to nature and the outdoors," says Dr. Mindell.

The Importance of Reducing Stress

In addition, says Dr. Mindell, "I believe stress is a major factor that exacerbates allergic symptoms." What does Dr. Mindell do to reduce stress? He takes two baths a day. A bath is luxurious. It relaxes you. He reads in the bath. "I don't take it just for cleanliness," he says. "I just take it to relax. In general, it's just a very relaxing thing." In fact, the Mindell family was always into baths.

Dr. Mindell's father built a six and a half foot bathtub for the family in the 1950s.  Some of Dr. Mindell's fondest memories were going to saunas and steam baths. He says, "It's really nothing new. The ancient Greeks and Roman reduced their stress levels using saunas, and we have somehow lost that practice. We modern Americans need to reclaim the ability to relax. I have a Jacuzzi at home which helps me to relax."

Dr. Mindell also meditates to reduce stress levels. Meditation helps him put life's challenges into meaningful perspective.

Dr. Earl Mindell's
Nutrition & Health for Dogs

Fido and His Fleas and Your Allergies

Our pets are prone to allergies as well, and Dr. Mindell details your pet's potential allergy issues in a chapter of THE ALLERGY BIBLE. Also, his book, Dr. Earl Mindell's NUTRITION AND HEALTH FOR DOGS, goes into all aspects of pet health, such as the food that you give to your pets. "Canned dog food contains many chemicals that can cause problems," notes Dr. Mindell.

Humans commonly have allergic reactions to pet dander and hair. Dr. Mindell recommends that if you are allergic to dogs, find a non-allergic dog. "Believe it or not," he says, "they are available." If you love your dog but are allergic to him, Dr. Mindell says you should have an air purifier in your home that removes the dander and pet hair. Another problem is that our pets carry insects like fleas and ticks which can also trigger allergic reactions in humans.

Your Vacation Will Give You a Headache

The ALLERGY BIBLE also has a chapter about travel and allergies. Dr. Mindell says that if you are going on long trips--10 plus hours to Asia or Europe--the air quality and chemicals in the environment of the airplane are contribute to many allergy-related problems.

Dr. Earl Mindell's
New Vitamin Bible

The Importance of Vitamin D and Vitamin B and Vitamin A and Vitamin E

In general a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals and micro-nutrients helps improve the function of our immune systems and can help to eliminate allergic reactions.

Such vitamins as A, E and the B complex are important for resolving a number of allergic reactions and other health issues. See Dr. Mindell's THE ALLERGY BIBLE for more information on these important supplements, in addition to reading Dr. Earl Mindell's THE NEW VITAMIN BIBLE. Dr. Mindell's books are available at Dr. Victor Dolan's online book store at

An excellent example of a good multi-vitamin is MINDELL COMPLETE, a supplement that has 176 different nutrients. Dr. Mindell formulated MINDELL COMPLETE himself, and he takes it every day. "There's nothing like it on the market," says Dr. Mindell. You can find more information about MINDELL COMPLETE at

Mindell Complete

The Need for a Natural Solution to Allergies

We are not told about the natural alternatives to the pharmaceutical companies' drugs--and that is why Dr. Mindell wrote the ALLERGY BIBLE. One special feature you will find in Dr. Earl Mindell's ALLERGY BIBLE is what he calls the "Hot 55" Natural Allergy Remedies. Dr. Mindell points out that all the Hot 55 are available wherever you buy supplements, even though most people have never heard of many of the herbs, vitamins and minerals identified in his book.

It can be confusing to walk into the health food store and be confronted by walls of unusual names on little bottles--but the ALLERGY BIBLE will help you understand the  best supplements to use. In addition to using his book, Dr. Mindell says there are many good healthcare practitioners and nutritionists available who can work with you as a coach and guide you to the best supplements and teach you how to use them. An added benefit of using the supplements that Dr. Mindell recommends is that you may be able to stop using expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

A Sampling of the Dr. Earl Mindell's "Hot 55" Anti-Allergy Supplements

Bromelain. The pineapple enzyme can be effective for joint pain.

Butterbur. No one's ever heard of this one, yet Butterbur is a very interesting herb.  It works well against many allergies. It is a European herbal treatment for hay fever.  It was a long-time pharmaceutical remedy, and in Switzerland they used it quite extensively. It seems to work as well as many of the modern drugs. It reduces hay fever symptoms. It is anti-inflammatory, and many of the problems with allergies are inflammation. It also helps to prevent migraine headaches. It is taken in capsule form.

Cayenne Pepper. This is a hot pepper. Boy, does it clean out your sinuses. If you've ever bitten into one of those hot peppers you will know what it can do. Cayenne pepper is available as a supplement. If you're taking asthma medication you should not use Cayenne very often. Dr. Mindell has cautions in his book about special medical conditions and how they relate to a particular supplement.

Dr. Earl Mindell's
New Herb Bible
Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 strengthens antioxidant defense and can also help increase your energy production. Coenzyme Q10 is called Ubiquinone which means it is ubiquitous in every cell of the body. The body produces Coenzyme Q10, so it's something that is natural. However, our bodies do not make enough of it to be optimally therapeutic, and we produce less of it as we age. In Japan and Italy it is used as a treatment for congestive heart failure. Now in the U.S., more cardiologists are starting to prescribe Coenzyme Q10.

Horseradish. Dr. Mindell says that when he was in Australia at a laboratory that produced Horseradish tablets, they had to have a special area that was sealed off because of how powerful Horseradish is. You could not produce anything else in that room except this Horseradish tablet. And it will clear out your sinuses like you won't believe.

Elderberry. An herb and a time-honored treatment to treat colds that fends off mucus.
It contains essential fatty acids which are important to relieve inflammation. Remember, many allergies are due to inflammation.

Eucalyptus. Dr. Mindell says he remembers when he used to go with his father to a steam bath, and they would use Eucalyptus leaves. The scent is just unbelievable, and it opens and clears out the chest and sinuses. At home you can put eucalyptus drops in a vaporizer, and it is very effective for your sinuses.

Eyebright, Eye Bright. A natural anti-inflammatory, eyebright is rich in flavonoids, chemicals that can help block the release of histamine by mast cells, which is what causes annoying symptoms associated with an allergic reaction.

Fenugreek. Fenugreek is good for scratchy throats.

Feverfew. Dr. Mindell says,"I will bet if you talk to one thousand Americans, not one will know of Feverfew." Yet it was first written about in 1649 in an herb book for pains in the head. It helps relieve migraine headaches. It is a natural anti-inflammatory. Amazing--it's been around for almost 400 years.

Prescription Alternatives
Garlic. That old standby--Garlic. People say, "It may get rid of my allergies, but I won't have any friends either." Well, you can get it as an odorless garlic supplement that pretty well eliminates the odor. Garlic is an anti-inflammatory. It reduces mucus buildup.

Parsley. Parsley is a wonderful anti-odor supplement.

Ginger Root. Ginger Root is another anti-inflammatory.

Ginko Biloba. Ginko Biloba is well-known all over Asia and also Switzerland, Germany and France. Dr. Mindell says he had the opportunity of being on a board of a Swiss company for 5 years, and had the opportunity to go to Europe numerous times. He says it's amazing the supplements are known there are unknown here. Ginko Biloba helps to block allergic reactions. It prevents inflammation and also improves the circulation. By improving the circulation of the brain, it can definitely help with your memory.

Grapeseed Extract. Grapeseed extract is a powerful antioxidant which helps relieve allergic symptoms.

Green Tea. Green Tea is another very powerful antioxidant that also relieves allergic symptoms.

MSM. What is MSM? MSM is a supplement that Dr. Mindell brought to the American public.  It is an organic sulfur called Methylsulfonylmethane. People have always gone to spas where there was a high sulfur content in the water. Sulfur is an anti-inflammatory and helps against many of the allergic symptoms that occur due to inflammation.

Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle is an herb which helps to detoxify the liver. Your liver is the major organ in the body that detoxifies all incoming chemicals. We don't hear enough about how we need to keep our liver nice and clean and healthy.

Dr. Earl Mindell's
Nutrition Bible

Closing Half of the Hospitals

Dr. Earl Mindell's ALLERGY BIBLE teaches that there are many ways to treat your allergies instead of using typical antihistamines, which cause drowsiness and have other side effects. There are treatments available that you may not have ever heard of before--such as Feverfew or Butterbur--words that are not even in our language.

Dr. Mindell's life-long mission has been to alert people to the natural alternatives to traditional medicines that can be used to produce optimal health.

"My dream," says Dr. Mindell, "is to close half the hospitals in America" when we will no longer need them due to education about natural preventative approaches to healthcare.