May 5, 2012

Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan Helps Keep New York's Finest Healthy

Dr. Victor Dolan on NYPD Finest
sidelines with NYPD Chief Ray Kelly
Your friendly neighborhood Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan recently had the honor and privilege of traveling to Pasedena with the New York Police Department Football Team.  My job was to help keep the team healthy and functioning at peak ability by administering Chiropractic Adjustments to the NYPD players.

Our New York Police Department Football Team played at the historic Rosebowl field in Pasedena.  NYPD  played against one of the best teams in the National Professional Safety Football League (NPSFL)--the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) football team--the LA Heat. 

For competitive athletes, indeed for any endeavour in life: preparation is key.  Our team has practiced hard, studied film, learned the plays, exercised, ate wholesome food and had the best of DC / MD / PT / ATC  care.  The medical and support staff hit on all cylinders this game--and that helped our athletes hit on all cylinders!

NYPD Finest vs LA Heat 2012 Rose Bowl Game
Discipline and 'doing the right thing' do pay off--whether in a game or in life.  Preparation helps prevent problems and leads to success.

I can tell you, this Staten Island Chiropractor was very impressed with this beautiful and historic stadium.  Seating almost 100,000 people in an open bowl configuration, it has been used since 1922 for all types of athletic competitions.  Some of the greatest names in sports have competed here, and some of the greatest football players for 90 years have played here.

Dr. Victor Dolan at NYPD Finest
2012 Rose Bowl Game
The Rose Bowl Stadium has a beautiful manicured field and the largest locker room this Staten Island Chiropractor has ever been in with a well equipped Training Room.  During the game, the medical staff functioned flawlessly with all eight tables in constant use:  one MD evaluating and treating as needed, one PT/ATC evaluating and TXing, four ATCs applying their skills, and me--your friendly neighborhood Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan--with a borrowed Chiropractic table applying Spinal Adjustment to our athletes.

The big beautiful locker and training spaces made this a very efficient process.  We were in before 1PM for our 4PM game time.  The players lined up at different stations for their preparations for the game.  With all of the space, tables and personnel, we completed many of our tasks prior to game time which is unusual as we are often rushed up to the last minute.

Preparation helped win the day in other ways as well.  We were prepared for the Heat (temperature-wise, that is) with more than enough ice, water and Gatorade so that all the players had proper hydration.  On the nutritional front, we provided fruit, such as apples and bananas, to prevent cramping and help prevent injury. In fact, we did not have one heat cramp during the entire game--and for anyone who participates in any sport--that's an accomplishment in the kind of extreme temperatures in which our boys were playing.  Special thanks to the NYPD football staff for providing all the necessary supplies.

NYPD Finest at 2012 Rose Bowl Game
And despite the best efforts of the Los Angeles Heat, figthing hard in the 80 degree California heat, our boys of the NYPD bested LA 14 - 0. We had a  0 - 0  tie going into the fourth quarter, but in the 4th, we wore them down and scored twice, winning 14 - 0  in our Rose Bowl Thriller. 

We traveled a long way from home, we were awed at the historic Rose Bowl Stadium, had some fun and brought home a win to back to NYC.  I  had  a  great  time and will be sharing stories with my Staten Island Chiropractic patients!