How to End Back Pain Fast

Dr. Victor Dolan
With about 80% of Americans suffering from severe back pain at some point in their lives, we were lucky to catch up with Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan recently so that we could ask him the all important question:

How do we end neck pain and back pain as quickly as possible?

Dr. Dolan invited me to join him in his daily hike down the boardwalk at South Beach. He says he puts in 3 miles every day of brisk walking. As we zipped along side-by-side, Dr. Dolan, who also happens to be a Certified Nutritionist, told me, "Well. It all comes down to exercise and nutrition."

"First of all, exercising your core muscles (your six pack) takes the strain and pain off your back. Having strong core muscles can help protect your back from injury."

With that statement, Dr. Dolan dropped to the boardwalk and said, "Do this core-strengthening pelvic tilt two to three times per week. You just lie on your back, bend your knees, put your feet flat on the floor and flatten your lower back. Pull in your belly button toward your spine and contract your abs. Your pelvis will be slightly off the floor." With that Dr. Dolan lept to his feet and added, "Do three sets of 15 reps each and you're good to go."

"The nutritional solution to back pain is as simple as eating your dark green leafy vegetables--with the proper nutritional tweeking to your diet you could see pain relief in as little as 24 hours."

That's amazing, Dr. Dolan!

"You know," continued Dr. Dolan as we increased our already rapid pace along the boardwalk, "Calcium is essential for strong bones--but so is Vitamin K. And where is Vitamin K found?"


"Yes. And broccoli, kale, arrugula and other dark green and leafy vegetables. Vitamin K helps the calcium integrate into the bone composition, making your skeleton denser and more resistent to stress. And when your bones are stonger, your whole body is stonger. Your back can handle a lot more of what it was meant to do--so when you're eating right, there goes your back pain and neck pain out the window!"

Any other tips for quick back pain relief, Dr. Dolan?

"Call me Vic," he said flashing that famous bright lightening-like smile of his, which you can see in the photo of Dr. Dolan at the top of his popular website --

OK, Vic. What else should we back pain sufferers know?

"I would be remiss if I did not stress one more important factor related to quick pain relief. It is a proven fact that good posture ends back pain fast.

Sitting at a desk all day can destroy your neck and back. Make sure you sit with your back against your chair--or use a Lumbar Pillow if necessary--with both feet flat on the floor. Some of my patients use a Stability Ball as their desk chair--which can be a lot of fun--and a good conversation piece at work. You might want to give it a try. Oh, and one more thing ..."

What's that, Dr. Dolan ... I mean, Vic?

"Sleep. If your are sleeping right, your back pain will be history. Your pillow should not raise your head out of alignment with your spine. If you sleep on your back, your chin should not press into your chest. If you sleep on your side, your neck and head should not curve above your shoulder. As far as mattresses are concerned, it's about whatever makes you feel good when you bound out of bed in the morning. Some like firm, some soft--overall, a medium firmness serves most people best."

Vic, what about Chiropractic Manipulation for Back Pain?

"Going to your Chiropractor is best single thing you can do for pain relief," said Dr. Dolan, giving his head an enthusiastic nod. "It's a no-brainer. The obvious first step in getting rid of back pain and neck pain fast. It's safe, quick, easy, effective. If you want to get better as soon as possible, nothing beats chiropractic adjustment. A fact, by the way, that's been documented in numerous clinical studies."

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I thanked Dr. Dolan for his time. As I paused to catch my breath at the end of the boardwalk, I looked up to note that Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan
wasn't even out of breath as he headed rapidly back to Parkinson and Hylan and his office full of soon-to-be pain-free patients.

Filed by Tom Brandon
Staten Island, New York