January 29, 2012

Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan Presents: Mike Connors Likes Chiropractic

Mike Connors has always been one of Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan's favorite TV stars.  Mannix was a great show from the days when TV shows were really exciting events in our lives.

What is really exciting is that Mike is almost 90 years old, and he is still healthy and working as an actor.  He has maintained a long life of good health.  That is an amazing accomplishment that rivals all the great artistic accomplishments of Mike Connors' life.

How did Mike Connors achieve such robust health?

In this video, you will see that Mike Connors, like me, Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan, puts great store in the healing power of Chiropractic.  Watch as Mike explains what Chiropractic has done for him over the years, and as he explains how and why Chiropractic is so effective.

As Mike Connors explains in today's video, Chiropractic is an extremely effective tool for healing a wide range of illness.  Mike tells us that the history of Chiropractic is long and impressive.

Daniel David Palmer gave the first Chiropractic Adjustment to a man named Harvey Lillard on September 18, 1895.  Seventeen years earlier, Harvey Lillard had hurt his back, experiencing a 'pop' in his spine--and as a result had been deaf ever since. Upon examination of Lillard, Palmer found a sore lump--a Spinal Misalignment--on Lillard's back which he believed was the cause of Lillard's poor hearing. When Palmer corrected the misalignment using Spinal Manipulation, Lillard's hearing improved.  About the first Chiropractic Adjustment, D.D. Palmer stated "there was nothing accidental about this, as it was accomplished with an object in view, and the expected result was obtained."

According to D.D. Palmer, Spinal Manipulation can be useful in helping to cure much of the world's illness, and on this, Mike Connors and Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan would have to agree.