February 6, 2012

Staten Island Chiropractor Dr. Victor Dolan Presents: The Healthcare Secret They Tried to Hide

Did you know there is a healthcare modality that is an important part of almost everyone's life that almost didn't make it? 

It is a powerful and very effective low-cost treatment that has proven results so amazing that the medical industry tried to rub it out.

That's right.  Way back in 1906 The Council on Medial Information was formed to make sure the American people had no access to a treatment that was so good that MD's were afraid of it.  You see, this treatment was non-invasive and extremely safe, while the medical modality relied on invasive surgeries and drugs that were often quite dangerous to the health of the patient. 

The medical industry was concerned that this treatment was so effective that it would put them out of business--so they tried to put it out of business.  Instead, what happened is that something so safe and effective could not be stopped no matter what the medical industry tried to do. 

This is not to say it wasn't touch and go for a long time--for many decades, in fact.  Any individual who tried to bring this amazing healthcare treatment to the American people was often thrown in jail.  These brave healthcare pioneers helped cure many long-suffering Americans of sometimes crippling illness--and yet they were treated as criminals!

Today, thanks to the American people demanding a treatment that they knew really worked to stop their pain and suffering, this powerful healthcare "secret" is available.

What is the healthcare secret they tried to hide? 

Please watch this entertaining and informative video to find out.