December 30, 2010

Staten Island's Community Television

What's great about this Staten Island community service is that it is a means of communication for all of our varied citizens that live and work on our little island in the sun--plus you don't have to spend any money to gain access to state of the art television production equipment. 

That's right! Cameras, editing bays, three camera studios just like those used for the shows you watch on TV every day are available to you right now only for the asking. Like I said, this is a great community service, and it gets even better when YOU use it. 

I myself have taken advantage of the facilities at SICTV many times to get out the word about good health and have done many shows on nutrition, exercise and what to do about back pain and neck pain and joint pain, or what to do if you are in an auto accident or get hurt on your job and need to deal with worker's comp and your insurance company

I am proud of the work I have done at SICTV and feel that I have helped and informed thousands in the Staten Island community over the years.   

So take it from Dr. Victor Dolan, the natural health doctor, check it out and make your own TV shows--the open expression of a diversity of opinions is what makes the United States great!

Information about Staten Island Community Television, better know as SICTV, is available at their website